We consider “Economy”, “Society” and “Environment” such as fundamental aspects for our growth and to aim and improve a “sustainable development”.
To this purpose we have implemented and maintain a Management System which covers any aspect regarding quality, environment, health and safety at the working place.

To achieve this goal it points to:

• pollution prevention with guarantee of total respect of the environment
• customer satisfaction and continuous improvement of its own products
• health and safety at the working place

Economic factor: it consists in operating to get as much welfare as possible through an efficient utilization of natural resources together with a proper use of raw materials and processes.

Social factor: together with our customers and suppliers we turn to a market which helps in promoting a larger distributed welfare by assuming fairness for an even distribution of benefits and equal access to resources which is an essential element for a sustainable development.

Environmental factor: connected to conservation and improvement of physical and biological resources of the ecosystem through and effective production planning able to optimize performance of the manufacturing processes.



Since the three components “ECONOMY”, “SOCIETY” and “ENVIRONMENT” are constantly interconnected, by means of our Management System, we promotes a “sustainable development” in this way: 

• by protecting the environment preventing and reducing negative effects on it
• by reducing possible negative environmental effects on the organization
• by complying with law regulations
• by enhancing the value of environmental good performance
• by controlling or affecting the entire production process from design to distribution in order to improve the product lifetime perspective which prevents any environmental impacts
• by obtaining financial and operation benefits granted on the base of better performances in the environmental field which has also the effect of strengthening organization position onto the market
• by communication of environmental issues to all parts involved

We are aware that the quality of the supplied product/services increasingly improves when it meets all parts expectations.
Considering as “expectations" the perception of how our product / service fulfils specific requirements aiming to get the “greatest quality”, we  have decided  to implement and maintain a Management System in order to achieve the following:

• satisfaction of all parts involved
• continuous improvement of its products
• fulfilment of applicable, relevant specifications and standards
• environment respect
• safety at workplace
• a sustainable development